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            You will give families in your community the opportunity to own a beautiful, 10x13, full color, family portrait.  This portrait normally retails for $49.95; however, you would offer it for only $10.00. (Many organizations now charge $15.00)  From this $10.00, your organization would keep 100% profit, all $10.00.  There is no cash outlay… no investment needed.  All of the portraits are fully guaranteed, which simply means that if you sell a portrait to a family and there is something wrong with it, we will refund the entire $10.00.  So, as you can see, you are assured good quality portraits.

NOTE:  There will be three poses taken.  In addition to the family portrait, you will be able to purchase portraits of just the children and just the parents, plus any special requests the family may have. The $10.00 portrait special has been designed just for families.

Please follow these guidelines during your Phipps Studios fundraising program.

At this price, you can offer only one portrait special to each family.


Couple living together as spouses;

Parents & Children;

One Parent with Children;

Single Adult over 21, living on their own, and self supporting

An adult IN the portrait must return to pick up portraits or offer is void.

We are sorry but there can be no exceptions to these rules.




            When you decide to run our program, please call our office and we will schedule a date to photograph and send you appointment sheets to schedule the families for photography.  Remember you must have the first day completely filled before you start to schedule for any other days.  When you fill the first day, please call for additional information.




1.      Go over the material point-by-point; make sure everyone understands the program.

2.      Please call and advise me of the number of families scheduled weekly, starting three weeks prior to the photography date (leave a message if necessary).

3.      We require that a minimum of 25 portraits be sold, with all money collected, before a photographer can be scheduled for your organization.

4.      The photography location must be a room at least 18’x20’, with a minimum unobstructed ceiling height of 10’.  It will be necessary to have someone present at the photography location throughout the entire program.  (We recommend two workers per shift.)  They will be greeting families, filling out forms, and keeping families moving to the photographer.  Workers shifts should be 2 to 4 hours.  Workers must also be familiar with the rules.

5.      On the photography date, families will be informed of the date to return to pick up their portrait special.  On that date, there will be a selection of finished portraits available for purchase.

6.      On the first photography date, the photographer will need to be in the building to set up two to two and one half  hours before the first appointment.  On the last photography date, the photographer will be two hours after the last appointment to take down and pack up equipment.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling building time and custodians.

7.      On the sales date, the photographer will be arriving one hour before the first appointment and will be half an hour after the last appointment.




1.     The room size needs above are minimums.

2.    The photography room should be separate from the waiting/sign in area.

3.    The photography room, if it has any windows, should be able to be blocked off. Shades, construction paper etc. These should be blocked off before the photographer arrives. If not extra time will be needed for set up.

4.    I will need one table at least 5’ in the photography room, and two tables at least 5’ in the waiting/sign in area.

5.    You should have chairs for the families waiting to be photographed.

6.    Volunteers need to arrive 20 minutes before the first appointment to receive instructions.

7.    At the end of the Photography day I will need a list of all Volunteers that actually showed up to help along with the names of the coordinators who ran the program.

8.    The room size requirements should be cleared and ready before the photographer arrives if not please allow extra time for set up.

9.   The room should have at least 2 different electrical circuits. 1 - 20amp and one 15 amp.




1.    I will need two tables at least 5’ long (preferably 6’)

2.    5 chairs (total) at tables

3.    Someone should stop by, several times during the day, to check on any families who have missed their appointment to pick up portraits and call to remind them.

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